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Strone Double Width
16oz per linear yard, 140cm ( 54" ) wide. Heavy weight fabric suitable for
regimental style kilts or those wishing for a more substantial garmet.
$69.99 per Yard

Austin (Keith, Marshall) A/M
Black Watch (Htg Grant) M
Boyd M
Bruce M
Buchanan Htg # M
Cameron Of Erracht M
Campbell Of Argyll# (See Note) A/M
Cooper A/M
Cornish Htg M
Cornish National
Douglas A/M
Fraser Clan A
Fraser Htg A
Galbraith (Mitchell, Russell) A/M
Gordon Clan A/M
Gordon Dress M
Grant Htg (Black Watch) M
Gunn A/M
Hamilton Htg M
Henderson M
Hunter M
Isle Of Skye
Johnstone A/M
Keith (Austin, Marshall) A/M
Kerr M
Lamont M
Lindsay M

Loch Lomond District
Loch Ness WSL
Logan (MacLennan) M
MacArthur (MacIver Htg) A/M
MacBeth A
MacCallum M
MacDonald Clan A/M
MacDonald Of Clanranald A/M
MacDonald Of The Isles Htg A/M
MacDougall A
MacDuff Htg M
MacEwan A/M
MacFarlane Htg A
MacGregor M
MacGregor Htg M
MacIntosh Htg M
MacIver Htg (MacArthur) A/M
MacKay A/M
MacKay Blue (Morgan) A
MacKenzie A/M
MacKinnon Red M
MacLaren M
MacLean Htg M
MacLean Of Duart M/W
MacLennan (Logan) M
MacLeod Of Harris (MacLeod Htg) A/M
MacNeil Of Barra A

MacPherson Htg A
MacPhie M
MacRae Htg M
Marshall (Austin, Keith) A/M
Maxwell M
Mitchell (Galbraith, Russell) A/M
Morgan (MacKay Blue) M
Morrison Green A/M
Muir M
Munro M
Murray Of Atholl A/M
National Millennium
Nicolson Htg A
Robertson Htg A/M
Robertson Red M
Rose Htg A
Russell (Galbraith, Mitchell) A/M
Saffron (Plain) A
Scotland's National M
Shaw M
Stewart Htg# A/M
Stewart Of Appin Htg A
Stewart Royal M
Sutherland Old A/M
Turnbull Htg M

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