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Tartan Sample Swatches
Though currently there are more then 2300 different tartans available given different setts and weights, this site will show you 200+ of the more popular tartans. Please note that new tartans are added daily and anyone can even design and register their own tartan.

When determining on which tartan to choose it is a good thing to know how the colors are discribed. For example the main difference between a Modern and Ancient tartan is the saturation of the colors. Ancient tartans are more pastel as if using a vegetable dye, where as a Modern is vibrant rich hues due to the Aniline dyes used. Weathered colors are to look faded and take a drastic color shift. Muted tartans are a greyed version generally of the Ancient style.

If you are unsure as to whether the tartan you desire is available
in a given weight see the Tartan Fabric Selections page of this site.

For readymade Scottish tartan products see the Tartan List page of this site.
Please remember when ordering to specify Clan Name and style.
IE: Ancient, Modern, Weatherered, Muted and so on.

To view the samples please select a page from the list below....

If you dont see the tartan you are looking for please call us at 270-886-0010 and we can check with the Mills in Scotland about having a custom run made of the fabric. Please be aware however that most mills do have a sizable minimum purchase of at least 50 metres for special runs.

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