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Tartan Fabric Selections
( The tartan shown at left is that of Clan Grant. )

Tartan by the yard is now available for special order.
All 2300+ tartans are available in  100% new  wool or blended fabrics. Sold by the yard.This fabric is available in many weights ,suitable for fashions and even upholstery.When placing an order we will verify availability before billing your credit card.You will receive a confirmation e-mail to let you know if the fabric you desire is available in that style.Most fabrics are available in Ancient,Modern,Dress and Weathered tartans.

To see the  range of tartans available in a given style click on the links below. Please order by full tartan name and number.To calculate shipping charges see the Shipping & Handling page of this site.

To order click on the "Buy Now" button or  call our customer service department
 at 270-886-2010 .For questions or additional help
send us an  E-mail: gaelicdreams2000@aol.com

Please be aware that your credit card statement will shown the order
as being billed from "Gaelicdreams.com" our parent company.

The selections below are linked to the tartan lists that show which tartans are available in what weights or fabrics.

Keighly 6oz, Lightweight 67/33 Poly/Cotton blend tartan fabric. Suitable for shirts, blouses and
light home fashions when lined. Limited stock range available.
Plain weave 150cm/59inches wide $49.99 yard ( Min order of 5 yards required )

Balmoral 11.5oz,  65/35 Poly/Viscose  tartan fabric available in a limited stock
range, suitable for light clothing and or home fashions. Includes a Teflon coating and is machine washable.
Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide $59.99 yard ( Min order of  5 yards required )

Sterling 11.5oz, 55/45 Poly/Wool blends tartan fabric available in a limited stock
range, suitable for light clothing and or home fashions see the list of tartans for availability.
Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide $59.99 yard ( Min order of  5 yards required )

Springweight 8oz 100% wool tartan Available for the top 260 clans.
Suitable for ties and light clothing
Plain weave 150cm/59inches wide. $74.99 yard

Reiver 10oz tartan fabric Available in 500+ styles
Light weight fashion/ulpholstery quality fabric
Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide. $79.99 yard

Braeriach 13oz tartan fabric Available in 200 tartans
Premier medium weight kilting tartan
138cm/59inches wide $84.99 yard

Strome 16oz Single width tartan fabric Available in over 570 styles
Heavy weight single width kilting tartan
71cm/28inchs wide $89.99 yard

Strome 16oz Double width tartan fabric Available in over 100 styles
Heavy weight ( regimental ) double width kilting tartan
138cm/54inches wide $89.99 yard

Old,Rare and District Tartans 13oz all new kilting wool.Not all tartans
listed may be available at a time as these are done by special mill run.
Aproximately 54" wide.$89.99 per yard

Irish County Tartans in medium weight 13oz kilting tartan. Available for all
32 Irish Counties plus the Irish National Tartan.
Aproximately 54" wide.$89.99 per yard

Special Order Fabrics
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Silk Tartan Fabric by the yard. This is a 9oz fabric that is aproximately 54" wide.
Some slight variation may occur due to the nature of silk and its production
so please be sure to order all the fabric you will need at one time. See the Silk tartan page
 for availability and selections.$79.99 per yard. Minimum order one full yard.

100% Cotton Crease Resistant Clothing Velvets, Aproximately 60" wide.
Your choice of Black,Crinsom,Claret,Emerald,Bottle Green,
Navy,Purple,Red,Royal Blue,or Slate
Minimum purchase 3 yards per color.
$64.99 per yard

Pure Wool Barathea ( Perfect for Kilt Jackets )
Aproximately 54"-56" in width.
Your choice of Black, Dark Navy or Bottle Green.
Please Note: Minimum purchase 2 yards
$74.99 per yard

Pitlochry Jacket Tweed, 100% pure new wool.
Homespun tweed with heringbone patter.Aproximately 56" wide
Available in your choice of Lovat Blue or Lovat Green.
Please Note: Minimum purchase 2 yards.
$77.99 per yard.
All tartan fabric is woven in Scotland. Though we try to maintain a stock of the more popular tartans some styles or weights may take 8-10 weeks for delivery.Discounts are available for purchases of tartan fabric by the yard over $500.00 in value.

If ordering the fabric for a kilt remember that you will need  4 yards of double width fabric or
8 yards of single width for a traditional kilt.

To  order ready made fashions in the above fabrics  please visit our retail
270-886-2010. We accept all major credit cards.

For a preview of the products available see the Tartan Readymade Fashions page of this site.

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