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Strone Single Width
8oz per linear yard, single width 28" wide. Suitable for heavy weight kilts and
skirts up to 26" in length.
$89.99 yard

Abercrombie A/M
Agnew A
Allison M
Anderson A/M/W
Angus A/M
Arbuthnot A
Armstrong A/M
Baillie A
Baillie Of Polkenmet A
Baird A/M
Barclay Htg A/M
Birrell A
Bisset A
Black Watch Dress A
Black Watch (Grant Htg) A/W
Blair A/M
Borthwick A
Borthwick Dress A
Bowie A
Boyd A
British Columbia
Brodie Htg A/W
Brodie Red M
Bruce A/W
Bruce Of Kinnaird A
Buchan # A/M/W
Buchanan # A/M
Buchanan Htg A
Buchanan Old A/W
Burnett A/M/W
Burns Check
Caledonia A/M
Cameron Clan A/M/W
Cameron Htg A/W
Cameron Of Erracht A/W
Cameron Of Lochiel A/M/W
Campbell Clan (Black Watch) A/W
Campbell Dress A/M
Campbell Of Breadalbane A
Campbell Of Argyle W
Campbell Of Cawdor A/M/W
Campbell Of Loudon A/M
Campbell Old A/W
Carmichael A
Carnegie A/M
Carrick Red A
Chattan A
Chisholm Clan Red A/M/W
Chisholm Htg A/M
Christie A
Clark A
Clergy A/M
Cochrane A/M
Cockburn A/M
Colquhoun A/M/W
Commonwealth Navy
Connell A
Craig A
Cranston A/M
Crawford A/M/W
Culloden A
Cumming Red M
Cumming Clan A/M
Cumming Htg (Buchan) A/M/W
Cunningham A/M
Cunningham Htg (Nicolson) A/M/W
Dalziel A/M
Davidson Clan A/M
Davidson Of Tulloch A/M/W
Douglas W
Douglas Grey A
Drummond A
Drummond Of Perth A/M/W
Dunbar A/M
Duncan A/M
Dundas A/M
Dundee Old A
Dunlop A
Dyce A
Elliot A/M
Erskine A/M
Erskine Black and White
Farquharson A/M/W
Ferguson A/M/W
Ferguson Balquihidder A
Fletcher Of Dunans A
Forbes A/M/W
Forbes Dress M
Forsyth A/M/W
Fort William A
Fraser Clan (Lovat)M/W
Fraser Red A/M/W
Fraser Htg M/W
Galloway Htg A
Galloway Red M
Gillies A
Gillies Dress A
Gordon Clan W
Gordon Dress A
Gordon Old A
Gordon Red A/W
Gow A/M
Gow Htg (Smith) A/M/W
Graham Of Montrose A/M/W
Grant Hunting (Black Watch) A/W
Grant A/M/W
Gunn W

Guthrie A/M
Hamilton Green Htg A
Hamilton Red A/M/W
Hannay (Hannah) A
Hay A/M
Hay And Leith M
Henderson A/W
Hepburn A
Holyrood M
Home A/M
Hunter A
Huntly A/M
Inglis A/M
Innes Red A/M/W
Inverness A/M
Irvine A/M/W
Jacobite M
Johnstone W
Kennedy A/M/W
Kerr A/W
Kidd A
Kilgour A/M
Kincaid A
Lamont A/W
Lauder A/M
Leask A
Lennox A/M/W
Leslie Green A/M/W
Leslie Red A/M/W
Lindsay A/W
Livingston A/M
Lochcarron Htg A/M/W
Logan (MacLennan) A/W
Lumsden A/M
MacAlister A/M
MacAlpine # A/M/W
MacAuley Red A/M
MacAuley Hunting A/M/W
MacBean A/M
MacBeth A/M
MacCallum A
MacCallum Red Line A
MacColl A/M
MacDiarmid A/M
MacDonald Ardnamurchan A/M
MacDonald Clan W
MacDonald Dress # A/M/W
MacDonald Glenaladale A/W
MacDonald Lord Of The Isles A
MacDonald Of Clanranald W
MacDonald Of Glengarry A/M/W
MacDonald Of Keppoch A/M
MacDonald Of Kingsburgh A
MacDonald Of Sleat A/M
MacDonald O.T.I. Htg W
MacDonald Of The Isles Red A/M/W
MacDonnell Glengarry Dress A
MacDonnell Of Glengarry A/M/W
MacDonnell Of Keppoch A/M
MacDougall M
MacDuff A/M
MacDuff Dress A/M
MacDuff Htg A
MacFadyen M
MacFarlane Black White A
MacFarlane Clan A
MacFarlane Hunting M
MacGill A
MacGillivray A/M
MacGillivray Htg A
MacGregor Clan A/W
MacGregor Htg A/W
MacGregor Rob Roy A
MacHardy A/M
MacInnes Htg A/M
MacInnes Red A/M/W
MacInroy A
MacIntosh Clan A/M/W
MacIntosh Htg A/W
MacIntyre Htg A/M
MacIntyre Of Glenorchy A/M/W
MacIvor M
MacKay Of Strathnaver A
MacKellar A/M
MacKenzie A
MacKenzie Dress A/M
MacKillop M
MacKinlay A/M
MacKinnon Htg A/M
MacKinnon Red A/M
MacLachlan A/M/W
MacLachlan Dress A
MacLachlan Old A/M
MacLaine Lochbuie A/M
MacLaine Lochbuie Htg A
MacLaren A/W
MacLean Htg A
MacLean Of Duart A
MacLellan A
MacLennan (Logan) A/W
MacLeod Dress A/M/W
MacLeod Htg (Mcl Of Harris) W
MacLeod Of Assynt W
MacLintock A
MacMillan Htg A/M
MacMillan Old # A/M/W
MacNab A/M

MacNaughton A/M/W
MacNeil Of Barra M/W
MacNeil Of Colonsay (Gigha) A
MacNeil Old A
MacPhail Htg A
MacPhail Red A/M
MacPherson Clan A/M/W
MacPherson Dress A
MacPhie A/W
MacQuarrie A/M
MacQueen A/M
MacRae Clan A/M
MacTavish (Thompson Red) M
MacThomas A
Malcolm # A/M
Manx W
Maple Leaf
Marr Green A/M/W
Matheson Htg A/M
Matheson Red A/M/W
Maxwell A
Melville (Oliphant) A/M
Menzies Blk/Wht M
Menzies Htg (Green) A/M
Menzies Red/White M
Merilees M
Middleton A
Moffat A
Moncrieffe A
Montgomery A/M
Montgomery Blue/Green A/M
Morrison Green W
Morrison Red A/M/W
Mowat A
Muir A
Munro A/W
Munro Htg (Black Watch) A/W
Murray Of Atholl M
Murray Of Elibank A
Murray Of Tullibardin A/M/W
Napier A/M
Nicolson A/M/W
Nicolson Htg (C/Hhtg) A/M/W
Nisbet A/M
Nova Scotia
Ogilvie Htg A
Ogilvie Old A
Oliphant (Melville) A/M
Paisley A
Prince Of Wales M
Ramsay Blue A
Ramsay Red A/M
Rattray A
Renwick A
Robertson Htg W
Robertson Red A/W
Rollo A
Rose Htg M
Rose Red A/M
Ross Htg A/M/W
Ross Red A/M/W
Royal Canadian Air Force M
Ruthven A
Scott Black/White A
Scott Green A/M/W
Scott Htg (Brown Scott) A/M
Scott Red A/M
Scrimgeor A
Seton A/M
Seton Htg M
Skene A
Smith (Gow Htg) A/M/W
Sommerville A
Stevenson Htg M
Stewart Black A/M
Stewart Dress M/W
Stewart Htg W
Stewart Of Appin A/M/W
Stewart Of Appin Htg M/W
Stewart Of Atholl
Stewart Of Erracht M/W M
Stewart Of Fingask M
Stewart Of Galloway M
Stewart Old A/M/W
Stewart Pr. Charles Edward A/M
Stirling & Bannockburn
Strathearn A
Strathspey A
Stuart Of Bute A/M
Sutherland Old W
Sutherland Htg (Blk Watch) A
Taylor A
Thompson Blue (Dress)
Thompson Htg A
Thomson Red (MacTavish) A/M
Turnbull Dress M
Turnbull Htg A
University Of Leeds A
Urquhart A/M/W
Urquhart Broad Red A/M
Wagorall A
Wallace Htg A
Wallace Red A/M/W
Watson A/W
Weir A/M
Wellington A
Wilson A/M
Young M +

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