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Tartan Readymade Fashions

( The tartan shown at left is that of Clan Campbell. )

Most of the tartans products here are available in more then 487 different styles
of Scottish Plaids, with the exception of Brushed Wool , Lambs wool or Silk tartan items.
See the Tartan List for available tartans.Irish tartan products are available in a limited range of products.

Please Note: Not all products available in all tartans shown on this site.

To view many of our more popular tartans see the

Lambs Wool Scarf
Brushed Wool Scarf
Worsted Wool Scarf
$29.99 each
$29.99 each
$34.99 each
Cumberbund + Tie Set
WorstedWool Bow Tie
Six Piece Wool Tam
$64.99 Set

$19.99 each
$49.99 each
Brushed Wool Tam
County Wool Cap
One Piece Wool Tam
$39.99 each
$39.99 each
Wool Tartan Ties
Tartan Sash
$24.99 each
$24.99 each
$54.99 each
Silk Scarves
Silk Ties
Silk Cushion Covers
$69.99 each
$27.99 each

Call for prices and sizes
Kilts and Jackets
Ladies Fashions
Tartan Gifts

See the Men's Kilts & Packages Page of this site.
For Ladies Custom Fashions visit the Womens Kits & Skirts page of this site
See the Tartan Clan Plaques page of this site for details.
Tartan Blankets
Pewter Crest Badges
Heraldry Scrolls
To see all the selections please visit the Tartan Blankets & Rugs page
For Pewter badges visit the Clan Jewelry page of this site
For Heraldry Products visit
our sister site
To  order any of the products shown above please visit our retail online store
270-886-2010. We accept all major credit cards.

Also available Tartan Shawls , 54" x 54" in all tartans , Stoles 27" x 72 " with fringe on all sides , constructed of 100% pure new worsted wool . Special Order only.Ask for details. Delivery from Scotland in 8 to 12 weeks.

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