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Clan Jewelry

Fine Scottish Pewter Clan Cap Badges
Available for all recognized clans & septs.
These are the finest detailed we have ever stocked.

Cap Badge $ 24.99 ea.

Scottish Cap Badges        

Generic Cap Badges
Available for those without a clan affiliation in the following styles,
Rampant Lion,Scottish Thistle,Piper.Please specify when ordering.

Generic Cap Badge $ 24.99ea.

Clan Crest Kilt Pins
Solid handcrafted pewter clan kilt pins available for all clan names plus
Approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Clan Kilt Pin $ 24.99 ea.

Kilt Pins      

General  Kilt Pins
Solid handcrafted pewter kilt pins available in Rampant Lion, Scottish Thistle,
St Andrew's, Piper, or Masonic.

General Kilt Pins $ 24.99 ea.


Masonic Kilt Pin ( Not Shown ) $24.99 each
Similar to thise shown above but with Masonic emblem instead of clan crest.

Pewter Plaid Brooches
Available in two styles:
5 Stone. ( Stones available Topaz,Emerald,Ruby )
4 Stone. ( Stones are available in Topaz,Amethyst,Sapphire,Ruby,or Emerald)


5 Stone Brooch $74.99 ea.
4 Stone Brooch $69.99ea.

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